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Project Description
"Resource Editor" is a tool that enables resources editing, during development time (by creating .RESX files) as well as after deployment - without the need to ask for a new version of the project.

During development time, resources editing becomes possible even without Visual Studio - even by non developers. After deployment, changing a certain message, for example, won't require a change request from the developers, and won't require uploading a new version. (in order to keep the synchronization, it is strongly recommended to create a .RESX file that will be sent to the developers afterwards).

This tool includes all the Visual Studio's Resource Editor features (such as adding, updating, deleting, exporting etc.). In addition, it has the ability of searching string resources; a feature that shows which changes have made before saving (only for string, bitmap and icon resource types); a feature for undoing changes made in string resurces, a feture for updating a resource value, e.g. bitmap, without the need to delete it (Visual Studio requires deleting the image and inserting a new one with the same key), and more.

By opening the DLL/EXE, a process of deassemble occurs. Saving causes reassemble. Hence, saving can be made only for non-signed assemblies (which are not signed by .SNK).

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